Climbing Planification

My planning programs are meant for any climber who needs help realizing their goals. From those who start from scratch to those who had reached a plateau in their progress and want to break through. The planning is personalized, adapted to your means of training, and optimized for your available time. The programs are meant to help you push your performance limits always minding the health of your body and mind. I use digital tools so we can share information fast and easy. Video support it’s also available if you need more deep information about the tasks and exercises contained in the programs.

The planning’s can be mixed with a 1 on 1 personal training, if you feel that you need my advice regarding your climbing technique, how to use a training tool (MoonBoard, Campus board, e.g.) or how to assure the continuity in your progression.

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Climbing Coaching

The individual climbing coaching it’s meant for those who start climbing and prefer to have expert advice in the first sessions. Also, for those who are recovering from injury and want to train without risk. Finally, for everyone that wants a complete feedback regarding their climbing performance and wants to make a major break-through in their climbing ability.

The climbing coaching consists of two main parts. The first is to realize a biomechanical analysis and a specific test to recognize your current climbing ability. The second part includes a combination of structured climbing and physical exercises that will help you develop your motion, increasing your average climbing level and physical shape.

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