Fitness Coaching

The fitness programs are meant for absolutely everyone.
In them, I offer a personal training experience that’s meant to help you build a healthy, strong, and harmonic body. A science-based fitness program adapted to your needs and expectations. Focussing in transforming your habits through a progressive training load, while encouraging self-love and self-knowledge.

There are two main objectives that guide the fitness programs.
The first is to achieve results on a brief timescale (4-24 weeks). To do this, we will be training intelligently, discovering what exercises and movements work best for you.
The second objective is to change your habits, incorporating fitness in your everyday and through-out your life. Lighting the joy of inhabiting your body and creating healthy practices that will last in time. My goal is for you to master the principles behind exercise physiology, so you can become independent without risking your health.

Contact me if you want to take the first steps to become a healthier, stronger and overall happier you!